Botanical Chocolates & Caramello Butters by Almighty Foods


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Hand crafted RAW botanical chocolates made entirely from organic seeds, nuts, roots, flowers, fruits, essential oils & tree saps and Gourmet Nut Butters.

The Botanical Chocolates & Caramello Butters by Almighty Foods contains:

  • Cashew Caramello Nut Butter (200g)  – caramel like spread made from raw cashews, dried coconut, tigernuts and coconut sugar. It’s stoneground to a silky smooth, velvety texture and is perfect for spreading, dipping, drizzling, blending, sharing or just as a general tool in your arsenal of feel good culinary magic.
  • Peanut Caramello Nut Butter (200g) – peanut butter, or maybe not quite… This has been ground to a silky smooth triple cream like consistency. Its not quite butter but more nut drizzle.
    Made from a simple organic blend of peanuts, coconut sugar and sea salt.
    Blends perfectly into smoothies and is a master of mylkshakes. Can be drizzled over granola, pancakes, fruit salads. A great amendment to savoury cooking such as curries, stir fry’s, soups or stews. Generally a perfect tool in your arsenal of culinary wizardry.
  • Tigernut Butter (30g) – A velvety smooth mylky, sweet but dark flavoured chocolate. A perfect blend of tigernuts, cacao and coconut sugar.
  • Raw CBD (30g) – CBD Chocolate, yes you heard us! Raw CBD concentrate, infused with our 68% dark Peruvian chocolate. Each bar contains 10mg of CBD. CBD is made from hand harvested hemp grown in Europe. The bars taste, at first dominantly of cacao, but follow with strong and rich herby notes from the hemp concentrate. A unique synergy of botanicals make this one of the most innovative chocolates on the market right now.
  • Double Coconut Cream (30g) – a chocolate that really emphasised the true beauty and complexity of the coconut. Made with just coconut and cacao, this one is super simple but highly effective.
    Flavour notes of delicate coconut, coupled with the rich aromatic and fruity notes of the rare Peruvian cacao beans that we use.  A perfect tool for your everyday superhero.
  • Dark Palo Blanco (30g) – delicious 70% dark chocolate. Made in house, from bean to bar with rare cacao beans sourced directly from smallholder farmers in Palo Blanco, Puria, Peru. They taste distinctively of stone fruits like dates or plumbs and there is a distinctive aroma/flavour from the fermentation, much like red wine!

We are proud to say … truly scrumptious treats that everyone can enjoy! Chocolates & nut butters  are suitable for vegans and gluten intolerant customers.

The Gift… Four botanical chocolates and two nut butters, presented on a wooden wool in a hamper gift packaging and additional waterproof postal bag for extra protection during delivery ( even on a rainy day).

You are welcome to add a personal message  when placing your order. If you prefer this gift to be despatched later, add preferred delivery date in “Comments”.

Orders placed before 12noon will be despatched the same day ( Mon-Fri). Letterbox gift delivery takes up to 4 working days.


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